Hi, I am running for a Nevada State Senate seat from District #2 this year (2018).   I am a 34 year resident of the state of Nevada and worked for over 24 years at the Riviera Hotel as a facilities engineer where I was a member of Local 501 Operating Engineers union.  (Am presently a member in good standing). Was lead room call engineer where I had to fix problems and deal with the public on a daily basis.  As part of that, I had to develop and utilize people skills that included negotiating with them in their complaints.  I'm a fast learner, and can assess any given issue in order to deal with it properly in the context of any situation; which more than makes up for my lack of actual experience in politics.  I am the type of guy who likes to 'cut to the chase' in order to expedite solving problems. 

 *I am an Eagle Scout and active member of the Knights of Rizal.  I am a Neil Diamond tribute artist (have been doing that for almost 14 years).

 **I was interviewed by and received the endorsement of:     Veterans In Politics International.

- I am committed to help our Veterans become a higher priority when it comes to taking care of their needs. 

   I have strong feelings concerning our veterans, as my father was a veteran of the Korean war and was wounded twice in 1951.

   On both of those occasions, I narrowly escaped non-existence because I was not conceived until a later time in his life. 

   I am committed to doing whatever I can to help our veterans.  On several occasions, I have participated in shows that entertained 

   veterans; both at the veterans home in Boulder City, and at VFW posts around Las Vegas.   

- I have signed the "State Taxpayer Protection Pledge" from the "Americans for Tax Reform", so I will vote against any new taxes and

   will oppose efforts to raise the percentage rate for property taxes.    

- Will seek to repeal the "Commerce Tax" and to minimize regulations on business to that which is absolutely necessary. 

- Will oppose any effort to bring a state income tax to Nevada.

   Excessive taxation and regulation have proven to be hampers to a thriving economy.   

   (President Trump's "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" and his reduction in regulations on business has once again demonstrated 

   the principle that lower taxes and fewer regulations make for a healthier economy;  something that Democrats have yet to learn.)

- Will vote to fund the Educational Savings Accounts (E.S.A.s) so that parents can send their children to the school of their choice.

- Will fight to get "Common Core" out of the educational system.

   That system has been implemented in countries with totalitarian regimes, and it has no business being employed in a free society.


  It is time that parents have an alternative to the public school system that teaches our  students to hate the USA

  and indirectly ridicules a belief in the Creator (so named in the Declaration of  Independence as the One Who endows us with our rights)

  Private schools also tend to have better security measures to protect students from mass shooters. 

- I will fight any effort to infringe on the right of mentally fit and law-abiding U.S. citizens to keep and bear arms.  As a member of the NRA, any effort to limit the type      of weapon that may be necessary to defend one's household will be met with strong resistance by me.

  Households in Switzerland are required to possess a machine gun for protection against criminals or an enemy who threatens national and/or domestic security,

  so all this fuss over assault rifles is the result of emotional wrangling. 

  The assault weapons ban implemented in the Clinton presidency did nothing to reduce murders by guns of that type.


 - I will support efforts to restore the background check system to limit the ability of those individuals who should not possess a gun to obtain one.  The Obama                    administration gutted the background check system and hampered the ability of law enforcement to arrest individuals who pose a threat to our school children.

  The Democrats, who all too often castigate the NRA, are not focusing on the real cause of the problem.  The reality is that the majority of the perpetrators of school         shootings were mentally ill in some way, and taking anti-depressant drugs that sometimes lead to violent behavior. 

   It is a fact that, in the past, those who legally used marijuana for medical reasons were not allowed to possess a firearm. 

   It is my view that a similar restriction on those using prescription mind-modifying drugs should be seriously looked at.


   It is an altruism that needs to be said here:  If guns are outlawed,  only outlaws will have guns.

   Nearly every country that has confiscated guns from its citizens has seen their crime rate increase substantially.

 - I will support legislation concerning Family Criminal Law Reform.

Video of my interview by Veterans In Politics International can be seen on YouTube by typing the following phrase in the search engine there:

"Calvin Border running for Nevada Senate district #2 in 2018"

Contact information:   E-mail:  calborder@gmail.com

                                         Cell Phone # 702-372-0374


Calvin  "Cal"  Border

Endorsed by:

Veterans In Politics International

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